Shawl’s & Hijab’s

A very high demand product all around the world.

Shawls and Hijabs are in very high-demand in todays market. A much needed accessory for women all around the world, knowing that we keep shawls, wraps, hijab’s on top of our list. We have over 2000 different designs that can be manufactured with your brand name and delivered as quick as 2 weeks.

Fabric types

There are many different fabric types used for this specific kind of product. Most of the solid color, glitter and golden shawls are 65% Polyester & 35% Viscone. Some other model can go up to as high as 70% Viscone. They have a very soft touche and machine washable up to 40 degrees celcius.

Private Label / White Label Options

We know that every client wants to have their own brand name on their products, they spend money and time on their brand and they prefer that their products match their brand identity and we respect that. For our clients who wants private label option we have variety our services for them. We can;

  • Manufacture the labels
  • Sew the labels
  • Design and manufacture a package
  • Fold and pack it
  • Barcode it

These are only few of the things we can do for you, have something in mind that is not listed here? Please contact us and lets find a solution for you together. Please check our photo gallery for our wholesale products.

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